Glintr Follows all CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention and Our technicians are vaccinated. 

what covid-19 precautions are you taking? 


White strips and other over the counter methods are abrasive.  Our teeth whitening process

uses plant-based products that are specifically formulated to be gentle on teeth.

is teeth whitening safe for sensitive teeth? 



Glintr's proprietary teeth whitening formula is FDA approved, pH balanced, and plant-based.

what type of teeth whitening gel does glintr use? 


Your Glintr Specialist is trained to work with bonded teeth and will take special care to match your natural teeth to your composites. Just let them know which tooth/teeth are composite.
Veneers and composites will not whiten as they are non-porous. 

what if I have veneers or other composite material?

You must be at least 14 years of age with a parental consent to receive our services. 

According to the America Pregnancy Association, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening should be postponed until after delivery. 

who is eligible for glintr teeth whitening?



Your results will be instant most clients see them last 4-6 months.  Your eating/drinking habits and oral hygiene routine play a big
part here!  We'll put together a customized aftercare plan assigned to extend your results. 

how long will my results last?