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The Glintr System

Getting a white smile doesn't have to be painful or costly.  Glintr's proprietary teeth whitening gel is PH balanced to reduce sensitivity and is  made in the USA.  A gum barrier is also applied to protect the gum tissue during the process.  

All Glintr specialists are vaccinated and a NASA certified air filtration system is installed in every Sprinter. 


affordable,  Convenient 

Select the date, time and location, and let us come to your home, office, or hotel.  Our Mobile Sprinter Studio is equipped with the best teeth whitening lights on the market and can accommodate two people at the same time.  Guaranteed results at 1/4 of the cost the Dentist would charge. 


relaxing, non-clinical environment

Relax and Recharge during your 60 minute teeth whitening session. Every Sprinter is equipped with luxurious cushions and soft lighting. Choose a complimentary hand or eye mask while you listen to music, catch up on emails, or watch your favorite Netflix series.  

xxx we keep you safe xxx

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